Thursday, 23 July 2009

In the Evening

Another print inspired by Cavafy.
Taken from "In the Evening"-

"...again I took in my hands a letter,
and I read and reread till the light was gone...
I came out to change my thoughts at least by looking at
a little of the city that I loved,
a little movement on the street, and in the shops."


  1. Lovely Denise, I like both the b/w and colour versions of this print.

    Writing can be so inspirational and sometimes I think, "a painting could come from that." Though thinking is as far as I've got so far, unlike you! Best wishes. Lesley

  2. Another wonderful picture, Denise, I love the beautiful view through the window,traffic skyscrapers moon and stars - lovely :)
    Ps the colour version id definitely the one for me .Is it for sale???

  3. I had no idea you were inspired by Cavafy Denise - love this. Speaking of inspiration - are you going to join us for Inspiration Wednesday (see my blog today) next week - do hope so.

  4. Sure I posted a comment the other day - must have pressed the wrong button! Great print.

  5. Sea blue - thanks for your encouraging comments.

    Total - I'll send you an email

    Weaver - not sure if I'll join you as I have lots of people who inspire me and I'm finding it impossible to choose only one.

    Dominic - my blog is playing silly games. For the last month it has refused to show any matches for my profile which is frustrating. Does anyone out there have the same problem and if so what can I do?!!