Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Dance Shortlived

I wrote and illustrated this poem for the November edition of a local magazine.
Remembrance Day (November 11) was very much on my mind whilst drawing the imagery.


  1. WHich one? (Magazine). Chillingly good. (Never seen the sun with a moustache before).

  2. The magazine (if you can call it that! - did not know how best to describe it) is Leyburn Life. I don't know if it reaches as far as you in Bellerby. Joan Cairns had a brilliant poem in last months.
    The sun is actually "the cool moon". I super-imposed the face of Kitchener onto it, who appeared on the well known recruitment posters during ww1. He pointed and stared at the viewer with the words "Your Country Needs You".

  3. I loved the poem when you read it some time ago - I love it even more with the illustration.

  4. That is very good Susan,I scrolled down slowly reading the text and got quite a jolt with the last line and the fallen figure.

  5. I really like it, very powerful. Your work looks so confident and such a free and spontaneous line. I like it.

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