Monday, 8 June 2009

Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer? - full colour, some colour or black and white?
I cannot decide - I keep changing my mind!

Again it is loosely based on a poem by Cavafy called "For Them to Come"

One candle is enough. Its dim light
is more appropriate, it will be kindlier
when Shadows come, the Shadows of Love.

One candle is enough. Tonight the room
must not have too much light. Immersed entirely in revery
and in suggestion, and in the low light-
Thus deep in revery I will deam a vision so

that Shadows may come, the Shadows of love.


  1. Of course, Denise, they are all great but I love the colours in the first one the best, the golden moon but then I look at the second one and it too is lovely and the starkness of the third, the white almost gouged out of the black in parts-no I'm sorry I cannot decide either but if I had to say one or be shot I'd go with the gorgeous rich tones of the first and the white of the skin and the candle in contrast.But ask me again in 10 mins and.....

  2. the first one is the best i think. i like it first of all because of the composition of colours:)

  3. I think I prefer the first one, Denise - but I love them all.

  4. All are great - but the Black and White One is
    the best.

  5. Like them all! Equal favourites are the black & white and the middle print with some colour.

  6. I like one but I think I like the black and white the best.
    Beautiful work. I've always wanted to try this.

  7. 'some' colour

  8. Hi There!
    So happy to see your blog!!! :)
    My favorite is black and white.It is absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!!!!Lovely!

    Have a nice summer time

  9. I like the first, darker one. A bit more atmospheric. Very good.

  10. Thanks for all your comments. I'm even more confused now!!