Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Souls of Old Men

This linoprint with watercolour which I produced was inspired by a poem by Cavafy called;-

"The Souls of Old Men"

In their bodies wasted and aged
sit the souls of old men.
How grievous are the poor things
and how bored with the miserable life they endure.
How they tremble lest they lose it and how they dote on it
the confounded and contradictory
souls, that sit- comicotragical-
in their aged worn-out hides.


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  2. Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh, but have just read 'The Weaver of Grass' comment!!!

    Lino's great to use, isn't it? BFN. Lesley

  3. Weaver! - You will have to watch your step - or else!?!!... you might end up recognizing yourself in a future work of art...
    (to other bloggers - Weaver is a friend of mine - I'm not normally like this to fellow bloggers!)

    Lesley - yes, lino is great to use.

  4. I'm still wondering which one I most identify with... The one on the right? In the middle? certainly one of them... good poem, too. (But then its by Cavafy. First got into him via Durrell's Alexandria Quartet).

  5. I love Cavafy's work. His poems have inspired in me a series of linoprints which I will post up over the next few days.

  6. Look forward to them. from what I've read of Cavafy, they should be interesting!

    Do you ever visit Blaugustine's Other Blog?

    She's just posted an interesting post about her artist's books...

  7. Brillliant!Love the colours and the picture captures the poem perfectly.I think I'm definitely the one in the middle-or will be!
    I wonder what naughty Weaver said?