Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Eating Outside in Venice

Another Venice inspired painting using watercolours and pencils.
It is pure joy to be able to eat a meal outside. For most of the year, up here where I live, in the beautiful but droughty Dales, it is usually too cold and windy. You can still manage it, but be prepared to wear a thermal vest!


  1. nice use of slim figures1

  2. I'm afraid it's already sold. I do have some greetings cards of it which I hope to sell on Etsy once I get myself organised. Thanks for the interest.

  3. Hello Denise

    I love this picture of your because I've been to the trattoria!

    I am sure that many look like this but my morning coffee and pastry stop when staying in Venice was just like yours - except for the cat!

    Happy Days