Saturday, 2 May 2009

Venetian Lovers

Another of my Venetian inspired paintings.


  1. thanks a lot for the comment on my "smoke" post, i was surprised:)
    i love this painting, reminds me of Chagal's is very very beautiful, and i love the style! i'd love to see more of the things you do!

  2. Thanks for your uplifting comments.
    After reading your earlier blogs, I think we are quite similar. It's funny, Alex, (my husband) said that I too am like the film character, Amelie.
    I will be posting more images over the next few weeks. Glad you like them.

  3. do you paint with water colors?

  4. Olya - the "Venetian Lovers" painting is mixed media. It consists of watercolours, pencils and pastels. This is also the case for the previous blog paintings. "The Gossips" is purely watercolour and my profile "portrait" is gouache. Thanks for your interest.